Meet the team

Dr Thomas Kiefer

Thomas is a visionary entrepreneur, proud father, adventurer, and loves to play social league football. As the CEO, he guides the organisation’s vision, values and growth.

Milan Reinartz

Milan is the product guy. Even in his spare time, you’ll mostly hear him speak about user experience, operational excellence and priorities. He also eats extremely spicy tacos.

Nick Hughes

Technology Director
Nick is lead dev at a top design agency, with over 13 years industry experience in interactive design, and digital development. As a board member of Chariot, he has his eyes over all things technology.

Matt Bondi

Matt believes in creating great things that have a positive impact on the world we live in. He guides the dev team and is across all aspects of the product dev. He’s also an all around great generalist and helper.

Martin Hipp

Lead Developer
Martin is our Lead Developer. A true JavaScript ninja, he listens to drum & bass while writing code and is in charge of the API development and server infrastructure.

Matt Penman

App Developer
Matt develops and designs for mobile and web since his early high school years. Being across the front-end and back-end of the app, he brings a variety of skills and you’ll often see him stroking his beard while thinking.

Ruitao Su

Ruitao is the latest addition to our development team. He’s our man for the hard jobs and tricky questions. He tends to be a little quiet but when he does speak up it’s on point. Just like his code.

Ilya Shereshevsky

Head of Growth
Based in San Francisco, Ilya brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing, product and user acquisition. He held leadership roles at DeNA, OnLive, SEGA, and Glu, and enjoys playing video games and ping pong.

Scott Henderson

Creative Director
Scott’s created ad campaigns for some of NZ’s biggest and best advertising brands at Y&R, Saatchis, Ogilvy and BBDO. Now, when he’s not in a kayak, or a steakhouse… he does it for us!

Rhiannon Josland

Head of Design & Community
Rhiannon thinks ‘outside of the box’. She is our passionate designer who dreams in Photoshop and takes pride in creating beautiful and useable stuff for our users.

Hemant Maharaj

Head of Finance
Hemi is a skilled accountant and the financial manager of Chariot. He has a strong ethical commitment towards his work and sports an indestructible smile at founders meetings.

Rodney Craig

Legal Advisor
Rodney is a partner at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, with over 16 years legal experience. He provides all-round legal support with governance, structuring advice and assistance with capital raisings and liquidity events.
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