Chariot is fundamentally different from other ride sharing services such as Uber that use a profit-seeking model for drivers.

Carpooling under a genuine cost-sharing agreement is exempt under the Land Transportation Rule and as exempt passenger service P endorsement for driver is not required. Our users are community members who may drive other passengers while only getting reimbursed for the genuine costs of the trip, and not for transporting passengers for reward or hire. Users agree to fares upfront using the app.

Chariot matches users, drivers and passengers, along the same route. Fares are calculated based on trip distance, mileage rate and fare zone. Trip distance will be measured by Google Maps. The contribution is cashless, via our secure app. In return for the service, users pay Chariot a small fee.

A 2013 report from the Ministry of Transport shows that 77.5 percent of New Zealanders prefer driving to work. This preference also means that 80 percent of seats on New Zealand roads are empty.

Our research suggests that commuters are frustrated by traffic congestion. They want a safe option for finding carpools or ride shares using smartphone technology. Chariot will use peer reviews and ID checks to screen users.

Chariot enters a global, multi-billion dollar market with more than 250 carpooling, ride sharing, and taxi mobile apps worldwide. There are other ride sharing and carpool services in New Zealand, but Chariot is the only one that can be used on a smartphone providing waypoint matching and that facilitates commuting and long distance travel.

Chariot investors are doing more than support a carpoolingand ride sharing service. Getting more cars off the roads decreases carbon emissions. Carpooling and ride sharing reduce traffic, shorten commute times, and ultimately strengthen New Zealand’s economy.

“Our users are community members who may drive other passengers while only getting reimbursed for car maintenance, fuel costs, wear and tear, and not for their driving services. Users agree to fares upfront using the app.”

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